fieldName for dimesnsionSpec

Hi Everyone,
I have a simple csv file which has first row as column header.

first/name, last/name

During the ingestion, I want the column names to firstName and lastName.


“type”: “index”,

“spec”: {

“dataSchema”: {

“dataSource”: “person”,

“parser”: {

“type”: “string”,

“parseSpec”: {

“format”: “csv”,

“hasHeaderRow”: true,

“dimensionsSpec”: {

“dimensions”: [


“name”: “first/name”,

“fieldName”: “firstName”,

“type”: “string”


Still the column names are getting created as first/name. I am looking for a way where the data source column name is different than csv header column name.

You’ll want to flip “name” and “fieldName”. For parsing, “fieldName” is the input field, “name” is the output field that will be used as the column name in Druid.



Thanks Jon