filter on date/time

I’d like to filter Druid query result to specific day of month, day of week or hour of day. For example, I want to get a result of revenue on hour 07:00 only for past 7 days, i.e. the result set has only 7 records of 7/22 07:00, 7/23 07:00, … 7/28 07:00. I’m querying Druid with hourly granularity but filtering on __time dimension with extractionFn seems not working. Is there any solution for this user case?

This will be possible in the upcoming 0.9.2 release using the new time filtering feature!

In earlier versions, you might be able to get around the lack of time filtering by using a javascript aggregator on the “__time” column, although I’m not totally sure if that will work or not.