FirehosePattern in PropertiesBasedConfig?

We are trying to transition to configure via properties.

We were using a firehosePattern of: 'druid:firehose:%s’ (which used to be the “default”)

Now, it looks like the new default starts with “firehose”.

I don’t see a way to specify the firehosePattern in the properties:

I can likely hack around it with:

  •                .location(DruidLocation.create(config.globalConfig().druidIndexingServiceName(), "druid:firehose:%s", dataSourceConfig.dataSource()))

But long term, do we intend to expose the firehose pattern via PropertiesBasedConfig?

(happy memorial day all!)


Hey Brian,

Long term we plan to retire the firehosePattern. “task.locator = overlord” in Tranquility 0.8.0 + Druid 0.9.1 makes it unnecessary, since it lets Tranquility find tasks directly by their IDs.