Followed Druid installation guide but localhost:8888 is not responding

I’m having an issue with my setup. I have followed these instructions:

But when I open localhost:8888 I can’t access the console. My loading page icon keeps rolling.

I am using vault ssh to connect to my VM and I have all ports open/listening on my both VM and my PC.

Please let me know what information is necessary for me to share in order to diagnose this problem.

I’m new in setting druid up and this is no my field of expertise, so really appreciate your help on this.

Can you load any other pages that way (using ‘localhost’)? If it’s a VM and you’re using localhost, are you doing port forwarding, to make browsing in general work?
Or, if the VM has an IP address of its own, can you use that and not localhost?

Also, have you gone over the various druid logs to see whether everything’s up and running?

Thanks. localhost can’t open any pages. I use vault and then ssh. Is connecting directly to a server exposes security threats? One question is how should I set port forwarding using vault? With ssh, I used to use -L portnumber:host_ip:portnumber but with ssh inside a vault command I’m not sure how it works.

Thanks. My problem is solved. Using portnumber:localhost:portnumber instead of portnumber:host_ip:portnumber solved my problem :slight_smile:

Excellent - glad to hear it!

Keep us in the loop on how things go! That’s why we’re all here :smiley: