formatting problems at 0.8.1schema-design doc

at follow content has formatting problems.

For more detailed information: * Every row in Druid must have a timestamp. Data is always partitioned by time, and every query has a time filter. Query results can also be broken down by time buckets like minutes, hours, days, and so on. * Dimensions are fields that can be filtered on or grouped by. They are always either single Strings or arrays of Strings. * Metrics are fields that can be aggregated. They are often stored as numbers (integers or floats) but can also be stored as complex objects like HyperLogLog sketches or approximate histogram sketches.

Thanks for pointing this out James! It looks like the list might need an empty line before the first entry.

If you’d like, you can go ahead and fix the documentation in GitHub and submit a pull request for it. This would be a great way to start contributing to a project that you’re interested in :slight_smile: Otherwise, you can submit an issue for it and someone in the community will pick it up.

I have fix the doc in GitHub by submit a pull request. thanks a lot.

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