Funnel Query

Hi guys, i have working with druid and playing with sql interface, i also connected it with redash to create charts based on data returned from druid.
So far so good, i was able to create a lot of charts, but i am stuck with two chart that i can’t create.

  1. Percentile query, currently i am using **APPROX_QUANTILE_DS, **but i am not sure if it’s the correct one or not.
  2. Create funnel charts, i attached a pic that shows how redash expects data to draw funnel chart.
    so i have bookings with different status, i need to keep track of these booking status, like for example booking can be OFFER_SENT, then it transitions to ASSIGNED, then it moves to **DELIVERED.**So in the funnel i need to know how many booking were in the OFFER_SENT, then how many of these booking moved to the next status,etc. can this be done using druid sql