Geo Spatial Query in Druid SQL

Hi expert,

Can we do Geo-Spatial Query on Druid SQL? and how can we call it from spark for distributed cluster?



Hey Jitesh,

Spatial filters aren’t added to Druid SQL yet. Do you have a suggestion on how you’d like to be able to use it in SQL syntax?

Hi Gian,

Thank you for your reply.

Usually, I use polygon query most of the time. In the polygon, we use abscissa and ordinate in Druid.

The query may be like :

select uid, time, coordinates from dataSource where abscissa IN (51.516354735680686, 51.51629917214027, 51.5161346171923, 51.51586739572348, 51.51550777859951) and ordinate IN ( -0.1593655, -0.15845899526373644, -0.157587333419949, -0.15678401739010359, -0.15607992179697625)

It should work in Sub-Query and Nested Query.



Hmm, I think the syntax would have to involve your geo column (coordinates?) in the filter, since otherwise we don’t know what column to apply abscissa/ordinate to. Maybe it could be one mega-function like SPATIAL_FILTER_POLYGON(coordinates, other-stuff). Would you mind raising a github issue with these ideas? After is merged it should be easier to add more functions like this.