Getting an error while running spec script task


I am new to druid and I am trying to follow this tutorial:

I am getting error on running this mentioned script in my docker cli.

$ bin/post-index-task --file quickstart/ingestion-tutorial-index.json --url http://localhost:8081
bin/post-index-task: /opt/druid/bin/post-index-task-main: /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
bin/post-index-task: line 31: /opt/druid/bin/post-index-task-main: No error information

How can i resolve this issue? Thanks

I looked at the script and it will call a python script called bin/post-index-task-main which has as interpreter “/usr/bin/env python”. Seems like python is not available on the docker image.
I’d like to reproduce this, how did you start the docker instance?


Hi Sergio,

I ran this script available for Tutorial: Run with Docker.
And I am working on the image produced by this script.


Thanks. I was able to reproduce this. The docker image is missing python which is needed to run that tutorial/script. I’ll look into this a bit further, in the meantime, you can run that tutorial using a local quickstart.

Okay I will be implementing the local quickstart.