getting error while using new groupBy query engine V2

While trying to use groupByEngine v2 we are getting following error

“There was an error getting the data: Unknown exception: Pool was initialized with limit = 0, there are no objects to take”

Here are our broker properties:

druid.processing.buffer.sizeBytes: 1073741824
druid.processing.numMergeBuffers: 10
druid.query.groupBy.defaultStrategy: v2
druid.query.groupBy.maxMergingDictionarySize: 100000000
druid.query.groupBy.maxOnDiskStorage: 2000000000

We see no exception in broker logs.

Will really appreciate any clue here.



druid.processing.numMergeBuffers needs to be set on the historical nodes too.

Thanks Gian.We had to add this in middle managers also.May be we can move this property in

We are seeing tremendous improvement in our query time by using this new engine.for some of the queries we see improvements up to 5X.

great work done by you guys.



Great to know it’s working for you!