Good Morning, Simple Issue

Good Morning Everyone,
So, I am doing some simple tests on Druid and want to query data from multiple data sources, namely, a flow rate sensor and a pressure sensor. I understand JOIN isn’t an option and that I need to use UNION or maybe LOOKUP to do something like this. I have very limited experience with SQL databases and, with the exception of spending a little time with Druid, none with non-relational databases. The data schema is pretty simple, __time, PressureReading and for the flow sensor __time, FlowRate, Totaliser. I want an output of pressureSensor.__time, pressureReading, flowSensor.__time, FlowRate, Totaliser. Anyone willing to share a quick sample of what format I should be using to make UNION (or anything else) work in a case like this? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. Have a great day!

Dean Althauser

Abra Controls Corp.


See if this helps



Hey Sashi,
I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you for the link, but to be completely honest, the native .json query language is very intimidating to me. While it is very much something I intend to learn down the line, I was hoping for a Druid SQL solution. Take two pressure sensors, something like:

SELECT sensorOne.“Pressure(psia)” FROM sensorOne


SELECT sensorTwo.“Pressure(psia)” FROM sensorTwo

Only, you know, something that works. Again, thank you for your time. Continue having a great day.

Dean Althauser