Grafana druid plugin tutorial

I need to get my druid data graphed in grafana. Has anybody had success using the druid grafana plugin? What are my other options for getting grafana to visualize druid datasources and metrics? I am able to choose my dimensions from the plugin’s pulldowns so I know druid is able to interact with grafana to some extent.

I am using grafana 4.5.2 and the grafana-druid-plugin is version 0.4

I am not able to figure out how to define a sql style “where” clause.

I’m not familiar with the Druid Grafana plugins, but maybe you could elaborate on what you tried and what issues you ran into, and someone could help you.

Alternatively, you could try a native Druid UI like the Imply UI: (a little plug!). It comes with a bunch of time oriented visualizations that you may find useful if you are accustomed to grafana.

Hi, I have just tis week started playing with the plugin. You will need to use filters and agrregators to implement what you might normally have used SQL for. The plugin is a thin layer over Druid native JSON format relational algebra queries. If you aren’t familiar with that yet, you will need to read the Druid docs. That said, for simple queries, its not so bad.

Here’s me counting application launches:

So this is equivalent to SELECT COUNT FROM stb-raw-message WHERE pageEvent = “pageLoad” AND pageName = “sky/itv/mysky/loading” - I just made this up so excuse any syntax errors :slight_smile:

At the moment, only a few aggregators are available in the dropdown list, excluding cardinality, which I need. hyperunique is in the list, but requires Druid to treat a dimension as hyperunique at ingestion time whic mine are not. Also, I don’t think that postagrregations are supported in the plugin UI.


I am using druid plugin for grafana to graph my druid data. so i am using druid as datasource in grafana.

I am able to select the druid datasource as well as druid dimension and metrics. and selecting Query type as “Select”. But i am not getting graph of the data.

has anyone been able to successfully generate the graph in grafana using druid as a datasource.

I am using Grafana v4.6.5 and druid plugin for garafana v0.0.5



I guess you missed the to select a ‘granularity’

maybe me guideline helps:



HI,am want to use five_min granularity,but i dont know how to setting it.

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