Graphite Emitter Not Working


I placed the following configs in the druid coordinator





druid.emitter.graphite.eventConverter={“type”:“all”, “namespacePrefix”: “druid.test”, “ignoreHostname”:false, “ignoreServiceName”:false}

But graphite did not receive any metrics.

I checked with sudo tcpdump -i any | grep <PORT_NAME> and there was nothing. I am running druid-0.9.0

Hi Rishi,

did you include the graphite emitter extension in the load list?


The extension directory for the graphite emitter needs to contain three jar files, two dropwizard libs and the druid graphite emitter jar itself.

I tested the graphite emitter last week and got it to work. If the loadList and the libs are in place and the problem still persists let me know - I can post a working setup once I’m back at work tomorrow.

BTW this is using the port 2004 (pickled protocol).

more info about pickled

please let me know if you need help setting this up.

Hi, graphite is not a core extension.

Please read:

The docs may be much more clear with regards to how to load extensions:

I figured out theproblem and now Graphite emitter is working. Thanks everyone!!

I am facing a different problem. I have a datasource with rules:

016-04-21T10:21:26,515 INFO [qtp1603729058-52] io.druid.metadata.SQLMetadataRuleManager - Updating [<Datasource_Name>] with rules ** [[{“period”:“P3D”,“tieredReplicants”:{"_default_tier":1},“type”:“loadByPeriod”},{“type”:“dropForever”}]]** as per [AuditInfo{author=‘rsh’, comment=‘ff’, ip=‘XXXX’}]

But still all segments are being loaded into druid for <Datasource_Name>. I am not getting any error in coordinator log or historical log.

I restarted the historical. It loaded 4080 segments. However the coordinator shows:

2016-04-21T11:09:39,639 INFO [DatabaseSegmentManager-Exec–0] io.druid.metadata.SQLMetadataSegmentManager - Polled and found 1,796 segments in the database

So why is the historical loading all these extra segments?

do you have replication ?

The issue resolved but it took 2-3 hours for coordinator to follow the rules i specified and unload extra segments.I don’t have replication.

You can tune Druid’s dynamic configuration for faster loading/unloading of segments.

Guys I made the graphite-extension work up to the point where I’m successfully emitting events to where I opened port 2004 but I don’t know how to create a datasource with those Druid events.

Would you please give me a hint? I’m totally stuck on this. I cannot figure out if it is a matter of setting it up or nor.

I am not sure what you mean with

I don’t know how to create a datasource with those Druid events.

are you trying to see the druid metrics within druid it self ? or via grafana ?

I finally get it working :

  1. Run with published port 2004

  2. Open grafana user interface at host:80 and add datasource pointing to http://localhost:8000

  3. Open graphite user interface at host:81 where you see druid metrics

  4. Build a graph using the Graphite composer to test it works

  5. Create a dashboard in Grafana UI with druid metrics

@Slim ^^ This is just a know-how for complete Graphite/Grafana newbies :slight_smile: