Group by queries are never cached?

Hi all,
I found group by queries are never cached, because I have not seen any performance improve. But for time series queries I got a great improve if I opened cache. So can any one tell me the truth? Thanks!

By default, groupBy queries aren’t cached, although you can change that by editing druid.historical.cache.unCacheable (see

Got it. Thank you very much.

在 2017年9月1日星期五 UTC+8上午2:31:11,Gian Merlino写道:

By the way, I also want to know what behavior will be if I updating existing data on druid and post a query which will hit cache? On this situation, if druid get result from cache, the data should be incorrect. Does druid can handle this issue.

在 2017年9月1日星期五 UTC+8上午2:31:11,Gian Merlino写道:

The Druid cache is invalidated immediately when your data is updated, so it will never return stale results.

I see. Thanks.

在 2017年9月2日星期六 UTC+8上午2:26:29,Gian Merlino写道: