Hadoop 3.x compatibility

Hi all,

I’m curious to know is anyone out there has had success using a Hadoop 3.x cluster for Druid batch ingest? I’m testing out compatibility right now and am having some trouble getting ingestion to work. At first I was trying to use druid 0.14.0 and the 2.8.3 hadoop-client jars that ship with druid 14. However, as that wasn’t working I tried to move up Hortonworks supplied jars for HDP 3.1, but continued to run into problems. The logs seem to indicate some incompatibilities that may reside in the druid-indexing-service itself so that is why I am now trying to see if anyone has had success batch indexing against Hadoop 3.x




Can you please share the logs and how you are deploying it ?

We have been using it for while.