Has anyone attempted to combine overlord / coordinator with v0.10.0?

Has anyone attempted to combine overlord / coordinator with v0.10.0, and does it actually work? I have the following configuration for this but I can’t see to bring up the overlord HTML page that you used to get when configuring / running the overlord as its own individual node. Could someone clarify this functionality for me? Thanks!









How do I hit the overlord endpoint?

I think you can get it at /console.html.

Thanks, Gian - should it be on the same port as the coordinator? IE 8081 in my example configuration of the box the coordinator is running on?

Okay, I think I figured out my issue - was spawned by zookeeper issues.

I was also going to overlord.html instead of console.html (stupid me).

Could you potentially comment on built-in ability to run two coordinators in a druid cluster, and does it work out of the box with zookeeper? What is advisable for coordinator HA?

Thanks for the help!

For HA, just spawning multiple coordinators will be enough, it uses the zookeeper leader election for failover.

Much thanks, Gents!