Hdfs to druid hdfs deep storage load - java.lang.LinkageError

Here’s the versions am working on :

Druid : druid-0.11.0-SNAPSHOT
Hadoop : Cloudera CDH 5.9.0 , Hadoop Client - 2.6.0-cdh5.9.0

I have a CSV file in HDFS and am trying to load into druid . It is working when my deep storage is local filesystem , but fails when I change my deep storage to hdfs. I had to change deep storage from local filesystem to hdfs , because mapreduce job to write just 10 mb of data from hdfs to local filesystem was taking too long .

Attached are my json task file , and other properties file .Other runtime property files are unchanged .

I start the druid nodes as per basic command given in quickstart .

Please help me fix this issue , as depending on this we need to take a call if we will be able to use druid or not in production.


common.runtime.properties.txt (4.06 KB)

middleManager_runtime.properties.txt (962 Bytes)

hadoop_job_error_log.txt (34.2 KB)

druid_indexing_console_error_log.txt (4.16 KB)

hdfsToDruid.json.txt (2.48 KB)

same issue in my case:
Druid: druid-0.11.0

Hadoop: CDH 5.14.4 Hadoop Client: 2.6.0-mr1-cdh5.10.0
it seems like that the druid-hdfs-storage of druid-0.11.0 import different xml parser lib such as xercesImpl-2.9.1.jar

wait for solution…
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