Hello everyone! Your newest Druid fan

Hey guys, I’m Maria, the open source community manager at redBorder. redBorder is an open source, scale out, cybersecurity and analytics platform based on Druid. We use Druid as the foundation for online analytics of security and network-related events, combining both realtime and historical data.

I’m really excited to be here because, as the first publicly available open source project fully exploiting Druid capabilities, we hope this release will help other Druid users develop their own vision and create a strong ecosystem around Druid. I look forward to sharing knowledge and generating new ideas together, strengthening our Druid community.

Hi Maria,

Great to hear this. we can also add redborder to http://druid.io/druid-powered.html.

That’s great, thank you Nishant. Fangjin has requested this information from us many times and we didn’t provide it. We are so sorry about that. But here it is:

redBorder is an open source, scale out, cybersecurity analytics platform based on Druid. We hope its full-blown web interface, dashboard and report systems, and ready-to-use real-time pipeline foster other Druid users to create a strong community around it. To see more, please visit redborder.org

Have a fantastic weekend and speak soon!

For more info, please go to redborder.org
Have a great weekend everyone!