Hi guys

Can anyone recommend me a best way to making druid cluster either it would be 3 nodes or 5 nodes. but except https://druid.io/…/cluster.html cause I’ve already see this site but could not find a proper way of clustering. does anyone know a better documents to make a cluster?

Hey Umar,

I think the link you’ve mentioned is the best resource, it’d be helpful if you described where you got to with it and any specific parts that were troublesome.

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You can look at this documentation from Imply


If you have any specific question on clustering, I can try to give my thoughts. I think there are enough documentation around building up a cluster.

In the upcoming 0.15.0-incubating release, we’ve added some more docs and examples for setting up a cluster, the following info might be helpful:



Hi everybody ! I followed all your comments but I have a question. I’m trying to configure a druid cluster on virtualBox with one master server, one query server and 2 data server. Does someone knows what is the amount of memory I have to allocate for each server ?
I’m running the cluster of Druid 0.14.2 on centOS, my computer has 8Gb of RAM. I’m asking this because it looks like running the 4 servers asks way more memory

It depends on the size of the data, If your data have millions of rows then your druid cluster will be slow down to perform an ingestion task as well as on query the data.
Try to increase your physical resources if you want better performance of druid.