Hierarchical/Recursive queries


Coming from an RDBMS background, we could run hierarchical queries to answer questions like,

Given a rule -

  1. “Event A with a value “somevalue” in dimension X, leads to an Event B with a value “someothervalue” in dimension Y”

  2. With the ID of Event A stored in the Event B row so as to create a notion of parent-child relationship.

Retrieve all Event A - Event B pairs

I have kind of done something similar in Elastic search with some modifications to the schema, using parent child document structures.

I was wondering on how we could achieve something like this using DRUID queries.

Seems like this fits more of a graph query model, what are your thoughts on such a use case for DRUID?

Is running multiple queries, where results from query 1 are passed along to the query 2, the only way to answer this question?

~ Ankush


have you explored a nested Group by query ?

I think giving more examples about the use case and how you would formulate the SQL query might make the question more clear (at least for me).