Historical node failed to load segment

Hello, everyone !

Recently, I tried to use druid, but I got the exception as the screenshot.

I have 2 historical nodes and use local filesystem as deep storage, and with properties: segmentGranularity HOUR ,task partition 4.

The execption seems to occur when one historical node replicate segments from another historical node due to the default rule [{“tieredReplicants”:{"_default_tier":2},“type”:“loadForever”}],

the node seems to look up the segments need to be replicated on its own local filesystem rather than on another node.

That’s WHY !

Hope someone can do me a favor, thanks very much !

“local” deep storage will only work on a single-machine cluster, if you have multiple nodes you’ll need to use a distributed deep storage like S3 or HDFS (or use “local” but pointing to a network mount like NFS).

Druid historicals don’t read data from each other, they pull their segments from the configured deep storage.

Thanks for your favor!

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