Hive-Druid Integration and Superset

Hi Team,

We created some tables from Hive which will use Druid StorageHandler (org.apache.hadoop.hive.druid.DruidStorageHandler) and stored the tables data in druid warehouse path.

We are following below link

We want to access this datasources which are created from hive from Apache Superset. Is this possible or not , Please advance and help.

We confi


MD Layeeq


You need to add a new datasource and use Hive JDBC connection url

Hi Any Data that is stored and served by Druid, is queryable natively via superset, without going via Hive if you want.
As John mentioned you can do it via JDBC over Hive Server, but the question do you really need that extra Jump ?

Hi team,

We are able to run SQL queries on top of druid data sources,but we created hive external tables using Druid stroage handler which are appeared in druid data sources showing below error in druid.


Lol… hit the print screen key…