Hortonworks Druid Install

Currently we have 20+ hosts hardware serving Druid cluster in production (0.12.3)

I am looking for suggestions and ideas, if we opt for Hortonworks Ambari to get the addtional dashboard, monitoring features which comes with druid install.

How can I setup these existing 20 hosts to Hortonworks Ambari Druid cluster?


Hi Chitra

It should be possible, install a dummy druid instances and then install ambari agent on all these nodes and then configure it to point to the ambari-server.

Please check with HDP on what version of druid is supported. There could be dependencies and it could be a custom druid with HDP.

Note: If you want reatime analytics dashboard / monitoring and alerts, you may want to look at managing/using druid using
Imply Data

Thanks & Rgds


I see that imply based monitoring and dashboard comes at license & cost associated, so wanted to explore HDP kind of tools to solve the goal here.


Hi Chitra,

You can try following the HDP installation docs below -


And add druid to the nodes using the instructions given at -