Hot/Default Tier Historical Nodes


I did the hot tier config for one of the historical nodes and left historical other nodes in the _default tier.

Restarted the hot historical node that had the config change.

I didn’t notice the data routed to hot tier though I configured 2 of the data sources to 15days and 36hours.

What should I do now?


Hi Chitra,

In your load rules, did you specify the “hot” tier as a place where data should be sent? What do your load rules look like for these datasources?

Hi Gian,

I configured existing historical nodes below manner:

1 historical node: Hot tier

3 Historical nodes: _Default tier

Below is the snapshot of my configuration at the coordinator level

Datasource: jenkins_events


I didnt see any effect on the data.

Everything still went to default tier

Do we need to clean up some files or should start|stop services?

Please let me know