How about the druid join query?

Hi, all

Anybody who knows the progress of druid join query? It will be published at druid-0.11.0?



Hi Jenny,

there is an issue for join query support ( I’ve been working on this issue, but couldn’t spend much time for recent days. I’ll restart working on join after finishing some other works, but not sure it can be included in 0.11.0.



2017년 8월 2일 (수) 오후 6:23, hellobabygogo152@gmail.com님이 작성:

Hi Jihoon,

Do you have any updates about this issue please?

Basically I have a problem and as far as I know I need a join statement to get the result that I desire. Could you recommend a work around to my problem please?



Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately, join query is not supported yet. I guess there are some workarounds instead. The below SQL can be one of possible workarounds.

select user, sum(amount), sum(case when depositNumber = 1 then amount else 0 end) from table group by user

Please note that this “case when” syntax is supported from Druid 0.11.0. You can download 0.11.0-rc2 from


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