How can I aggregate string type number(a very big int)?

the data looks like this:

{“timestamp”: “2013-08-31T01:02:33Z”, “type”: “0”, “value” : “95215496587854589666212”}

{“timestamp”: “2013-08-31T01:32:45Z”, “type”: “0”, “value” : “1205500012452215556245588556”}

{“timestamp”: “2013-08-31T03:11:21Z”, “type”: “1”, “value” : “459686937434863456893546345634”}

{“timestamp”: “2013-08-31T03:58:39Z”, “type”: “1”, “value”: “13940000000000006546557496511”}

the “type” field is dimension field,but if i set the “value” as metricsSpec, it will become negative value(because its too big),so what should i do?

What is the precision requirement of the value ? Maybe you can ingest them as float type?

yes,that is what i did! Thanks

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