How can i clear the failed task?

Hi, druid experts.

I meet a very hard problem:

when i insert data by tranquility, it try to create a real time index task, but for some reason(for example, the wrong config of middleManager), the task failed immediately

after some minutes i correct the situation which cause the failure of the task. but the same task can not be created by tranquility, because the task id already exists.

the segmentGranularity of my task is “DAY”, so i need wait for one day for the task id expires, then the tranquility will create a new task id for the data source

how can i fix the problem?

is there any way to clear the failed task, then the tranquility can create a new task?

or is there any way to make the tranquility using a new task id, when the current task is failed for the same data source?

i using the imply 1.3.0 package.

thanks very much

any ideas of these? thanks for any clues

在 2016年11月12日星期六 UTC+8上午1:01:26,Leon写道:

Hi Leon,
there is no easy way to remove a failed task entry from the APIs,

You can remove the task entry from the metadata store by deleting the related entries from druid_tasks table.

Hi Nishant,

Thanks for you reply, I have tried the solution, when a task is failed, i remove it from metadata store, and i see the failed task disappeared in overlord console.

But the tranquility do not create the same task again, and i can not insert data until reaching the next segment interval.

在 2016年11月15日星期二 UTC+8下午3:23:21,Nishant Bangarwa写道: