How do I increase the number of workers in druid?

I'm running druid through Imply's setup and I wanna increase the number of druid workers but I don't know exactly where should I change the configuration of Imply to increase the number of druid's workers. Can anybody please help me for this?

You need to edit druid.worker.capacity property in your middlemanager configs(

Thanks for the reply, finally I found the place where I can configure the number of workers for Druid in Imply’s setup. Well as you said it was already documented in Druid’s documentation but it was very vague to comprehend for newcomers because I didn’t even know where to configure middleware manager.

Following is the location of the configuration file


We have to add a new property called druid.worker.capacity which specifies the number of workers for the druid.


For instance above line instructs the Druid to run 3 workers of Druid