How do I set up realtime node?

Hi, I’m new with Druid and I’m trying to test with realtime node

I tried to follow the docs but I’m confused because there is no realtime node in my druid conf directory

I installed druid with ambari and installed Duid 0.9.2

Is there something wrong with my installation?

Or am I just confused with the directory?

Please help.

Hey, you can simply add a directory for realtime node configuration.
If you are new to Druid, I recommend to use the latest version of Druid and Kafka indexing service ( for realtime ingestion which is more reliable and scalable.



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Thank you for the reply!
I could start realtime-node after your advise, though I have some errors.

It seems that latest version(0.10x) also doesn’t have a realtime node configuration directory.
It would have been nice if there were come instructions about this.

I’ll try this again on the new version. Thank you!

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