How does ThetaSketch store results in Druid?

I do thetaSketch aggregation on one of the metrics and when I run the scan query on the datasource, I get the value of the metric in the row as AMDAAAcVJdsBAAACAACAPw9FCJsd/5Fd. Anyone have an idea why I am getting this instead of a numeric value what form does the thetaSketch store the data in druid?

Can you please provide the query you’re using (and preferably the Druid version and datasource schema)?

Basically, if you’re using the thetaSketch aggregator or thetaSketchEstimate post aggregation, you should get a numeric value (unless you used thetaSketchToString or something).


Scan queries return the raw Druid rows and in case of sketch objects when it is an inputSketch, the serialized base64 representation of the sketch is returned. To get the sketch estimates, you would have to use one of the aggregation query types with thetasketch aggs/postaggs.