How much time does a supervisor takes?

I am new to druid. I just started working with it and i was assigned to find the real time each supervisor takes and compare it to the task duration.
I haver already found the later one, but im having problems to indentify the actual time the supervisor takes. I have also notice that a supervisor can iterate several time whitin the task duration.

Request you to help/guide in this regard.

Thanks beforehand.

I’m not completely sure what you are asking, but with streaming ingestion, a supervisor task runs continuously, the task duration refers to the length of time that each task will spend ingestion from the stream before doing its final segment build and publish, at which time, it will transition to handoff with the historical (maintaining queryability throughout) and finally be replaced by a new task. The supervisor monitors and controls the task creation for a given stream ingestion process.
I hope that helps.