How to access TOC on older version of Druid documentation


We are using little older version of Druid - 0.8.1. If I want to check anything, then I mainly refer the documentation of this particular version. But the problem is, I couldn’t see the Table Of Contents (TOC) on the right side of the landing page of this version - where as I could see the TOC for the later versions - This makes me to struggle on navigating across the topics. Can you please suggest on how to navigate to different topics on the documentation of older Druid versions?



It looks like something is messed up with the TOC build for the pre-0.9.0 versions. We’ll look into it, but in the meantime you can get a copy on github:

I raised this issue to try to fix it:

Sure, let me use it till the problem gets resolved. Thanks Gian for the quick action on it.