How to check the status of the Druid daemons?

I have setup Druid v0.17.0 on a 6 node debian 8 cluster following this guide:

I used the command ‘bin/start-cluster-master-no-zk-server’ to start the master server. I came to know from some other article about stopping the servers using bin/service --down which works just fine but I’m not able to find a way to just show the server’s status. I tried using the launch scripts (bin/ status and bin/ status) but they don’t seem to work. I get the following output.

./bin/ 44: ./bin/ source: not found

The server is very well up so not sure why the launch scripts are not able to find the status.

Hi Siva,

If the idea is to check the service status , You can confirm that using jps command , something like:

jps -m

jps -m | grep coordinator

96430 Main server coordinator