How to check what tiers is queried


I’ve decided to give a try to multi tiers to improve performance.

So I define on different machine 2 tiers:

hot : loadByPeriod 10 Days

cold : Load Forever

I’ve setup the historical with

hot : priority 100

cold : priority 50

then broker

broker for hot use highestPriority

broker for cold use LowestPriority

when I query no matter witch broker I always get a response even on period outside “the last 10 last days”

So I arrive to the question how can I check that the query on the last 10 days will always be answered by hot cluster ?


Hi Richard,

according to the doc on, “The coordinator will cycle through all available segments and match each segment with the first rule that applies. Each segment may only match a single rule.” So even if your segment has both hot and cold rules, the 1st rule will in the list will be applied. Does it sound reasonable?