How to create empty table

we need to create an empty table in druid datasource. Is there any way to create that table. Also how to add dimension which having null/empty values initially.

Use case :
we are creating default dashboard and segments when deploying the apps (in which Druid used a query engine) that why we required table/s should be present else these will giving error while rollout apps.

Moreover, we give reset functionality to the user so that one can reset data after some initial experiments.


How is the data ingested when it is? I’m guessing batch ingestion? Do users overwrite with new data each time, or add to it (appendToExisting: true)? If they overwrite, your best bet might be to have a job that ingests a dummy row with data that’s clearly a placeholder, then overwrite with real data later. I don’t know that you can have an empty table, unless maybe it’s a realtime ingestion. (Glad to be corrected if you can.)

Thanks, Ben its a good suggestion.