How to delete a realtime task permanently

We I shutdown a realtime task from index service, I saw the status of the task is FAILED, and I could not submit the same name task again. I have to change the task name or delete the task’s record from MySql to submit the task. Is there a way to delete the realtime task permanently?


Hey Kurt,

Task IDs are unique (even after being killed) but you can submit the same task with a different ID if you want to run it again.

Hi Gian,

It’s really bother to change the task ID each time before I submit the task. Especially when I have a liner shard of 20 partitions. I must create 20 different task files before submitting(It’s ok since this is one-time job). But each time when I want to change some config like “MaxRowsInMemory”, after I shutdown the original 20 tasks, I still need to modify 20 files again to change the task ID.

Is this something you could use tranquility for ( It creates tasks so you don’t have to.

You could also leave the task id null when you submit it, and Druid will generate a random one.

I would say it generates a ‘unique’ one if you leave the id null. If you need more complex naming that what the auto-generated one assigns, I agree with Gian that you probably want to look at tranquility

It seems a good idea to try tranquility, thanks for the advises, @Gian @charles.allen