How to disable metric log messages - Event

Hey All,

I am new to Druid and following the quickstart documentation from the druid website.

I wish to disable druid service publishing metrics in the logs file.

for ex:

2019-03-18T19:57:12,479 INFO [MonitorScheduler-0] - Event [{“feed”:“metrics”,“timestamp”:“2019-03-18T19:57:12.479Z”,“service”:“druid/broker”,“host”:“localhost:8082”,“version”:“0.13.0-incubating”,“metric”:“jvm/pool/init”,“value”:2555904,“poolKind”:“nonheap”,“poolName”:“Code Cache”}]

I have commented the below lines in apache-druid-0.13.0-incubating/conf/druid/_common/ but still I see the emitter logs.






Have you tried setting druid.emitter to noop?

  • Justin

Thanks. Forgot to update here.