How to download a community extension?


I’m trying to download and setup the druid-orc-extension to be able to batch ingest files that are in ORC format. I’ve looked over the documentation but I’m still confused and not sure what to do. Also, I wasn’t the one who downloaded and set up Druid Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

have you tried the steps listed here -
Basically, you would first need to download the extension and its transitive dependencies using druid pull-deps command.

Second, need to include the extension name in the druid.extensions.loadList config in druid configs.

Thank you Nishant,
I got an error saying “Unable to create directory at […/druid/extensions/druid-orc-extensions] for coordinate …”

I’m fairly sure this is because I don’t have permission to create/write files in this directory, so I’ll have to try to get someone else to do run the command. When adding the extension to “druid.extensions.loadList”, what file is this in?

Let me clarify a little, where do I find the file that the “druid.extensions.loadList” is in.

In the default distro it’s in conf-quickstart/druid/_common/ (quickstart config) or conf/druid/_common/ (cluster config).