How to download raw data

Hi, if i want to download some raw data after filter in druid, how to do this?
such as download some raw data as cvs or others.

I see support

  • Export data to CSV
    I want to know how to do ?
    在 2016年6月12日星期日 UTC+8下午8:36:23,Zhenyuan Gao写道:

such as export 100,000 rows result after filter

在 2016年6月12日星期日 UTC+8下午8:36:23,Zhenyuan Gao写道:

Query through pagination…

Hi Zhenyuan, there’s different approaches to this problem. If you only wanted to download values of a particular dimension, you can look into the lexicographic topN, which can be paginated. For multiple columns with small result sizes, you can use the groupBy query, and for larger result sets, you can use the select query, which also has pagination…



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