How to enable roaring bitmaps in druid

cant find it in docs


as part of the tuning config for the task that you’re running.

Deafult is

“indexSpec”:{“bitmap”:“concise”, “metricCompression”:“lz4”,“dimensionCompression”:“lz4”}

googling for ‘druid indexSpec’ points to this page with a 404 error:

I use realtime nodes, not the indexing service, so where does this go in there?

it doesn’t look like its documented for some reason. Thanks for bringing it up!

sure :slight_smile:

is it possible to know how to do the configuration for realtime nodes.

does it go in the ‘tuningConfig’ section of the specfile?

eg -

tuningConfig : {



We are upgrading to 0.8.3 this weekend and would really like to switch to roaring along with it.

not quite. it goes in tuning config as

for 0.9.2 druid its…

"tuningConfig" : {

  "type" : "hadoop",

  "indexSpec": {

    "bitmap": {"type": "roaring"}


.... }