How to exclude a dimension from indexing and retrieve the value?

I am trying to store a String but since the cardinality is too high I want to remove it from indexing. I put the String as a dimension in dimensionExclusion but I cannot retrieve the value. It doesn’t seem to show up in Druid when I use a select query to return raw Druid rows.

duplicate of!msg/druid-user/phuIKi2cyp0/LEuY72FRBAAJ

The question is why is the excluded dimension not showing up as part of the raw data using a select query and if that is the intended behavior how would I retrieve the excluded dimension as part of an indexed row. The question wasn’t answered on that link you sent.

Sorry thought the answer was clear,

Dimension excluded is not part of the druid index thus you will not be able to query it from druid with any mean.

Excluded means druid indexer will not look at it at all and that is the expected behavior.

I hope it is clear.