How to get Query performance metrics


How do i get query performance metrics from druid or time taken by druid to execute query’s?..I know enabling emitters in properties of individual nodes will dump the time taken to logs but is that the only way ?.

Please let me know if there’s any other way to measure query performance.

Thanks !

Instead of dumping in the logs, you can also use various emitters to send those metrics via HTTP to other systems or emit the metrics to a kafka topic.

You can also use a mini druid cluster to analyze those metrics. A nice blogpost about same is -

Bear with me on this, i am still learning druid so correct me if i am wrong. I see the properties set for emission below in a sample project. So if i want to measure query performance my understanding was to measure the response time from druid. Also if i set the below properties on individual nodes(broker,realtime and compute) for Querying,am i actually testing the performance of individual nodes or druid ?

Can you provide me sample query to get the response time from individual nodes . Also how do i set it to emit metrics to a certain kafka topic ?