How to increase the size of the segment in druid

how to check segment size and how to increase the segment size in druid

These options are set in your ingest spec, typically.

I’m assuming you’re using some kind of real time ingestion like Kafka?

Iam using in index task and submitting the file to druid to process, and iam using druid version druid-0.12.3

Hi Banesh,

Segment size can be checked from the coordinator console. Segment size can be changed by tuning the properties in your ingest spec as Kiefer mentioned.



Thank you Sashidhar.

In case you were wondering how to change segment size after they were created, you can always look into segment compaction. Look here -

In Druid “druid_pendingsegments” table count increasing daily.

how to decrease the count from this table.

Thanks Karthik. Daily running campact task and reducing the segment size