How to insert multi-valued dimension with the tranquility?


How to insert multi-valued dimension with the tranquility?

In my case, data structure is below.

An array_values has multi-value dimensions with delimiter.

(array_values -> 1:2:3:4:5)

If I want to tokenizing multi-value dimensions from array_values with the tranquility,

how can I handle this data?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Jerry,

Tranquility definitely supports multi-value dimensions from JSON, and it should support them from text too. Could you share your Tranquility configuration, version, and a sample row of your data, so we can double check?

Hi Gian, I used storm-druid extension.


Storm druid extension supports tranquility 0.8.2 version.

Sample data is below. This is a tuple log message.

param_name has multivalued dimension.

2016-11-16, XXX, XXXX, XXXXXX, [β€œ1”,β€œ2”,β€œ3”,β€œ4”]

Query result is below.

param_name": β€œ[β€œ1”,β€œ2”,β€œ3”,β€œ4”]”


Jerry Jung

Is that an array or is that a list (java.util.List)? I think it’s possible that only a List would work.

Thank your advice!
It works normally :slight_smile:


Jerry Jung