How to Integrate Druid with C code application


I am planning to integrate Druid with my C code application and build a single executable. Could you please let me know how to integrate Druid with any application written in C code.

My plan is to launch the zookeeper, kafka bus and druid nodes (Coordinator, Historical and Real time nodes) from my C application and my C application will send data to Kafka bus which is to be consumed by Druid Real time node.

Thanks and regards

Mahesh Gullipalli

Are you trying to get data into your c program? If that’s all you’re trying to do then you can use the standard REST endpoints. Both the R and Python supplied frameworks do this. And I actually suggest you consider if your project is better fit in Python or R unless you really really need C for some reason.

Charles, I respectfully disagree, that project should obviously be written in JavaScript - the god language.