How to interact Druid using Presto

Druid looks great. Is there any way to connect from Presto to Druid. My use case is : have the analytics using Druid. So would to query Druid from Presto. Is this supported or whats the best way to accomplish this?

Hi Satish, at present Presto does not support pushing down aggregates to the compute layer, which is something that will be required before you can leverage Druid’s core and really gain the performance benefit of Druid’s storage structure.

Hi Fangjin,

Thanks for the clarification. Any idea when presto is gonna support pushing down aggregates?. My use case is some thing like: I have dimension data in a Mysql database & lets say all my aggregates are computed in Druid with all ids. Now if i want to join between these 2 tables, is there any workaround ?


Hi Satish, I believe the Presto folks are working on pushing down aggregates. For Druid, you should load all of your MySQL data into it. There’s very limited support right now in Druid for working with other data stores.