How to know whether druid services are running

I connected to my Ubuntu machine running single node druid cluster from putty yesterday. Today all those putty sessions are terminated and after reconnecting it is reset to new command line. So it is no more showing log lines emitted by individual services to the putty.

I will like to make this work like hadoop daemons.

In using hadoop, I usually check log files to know what really going on. Also I run jps commands to know which daemons are running. Is it possible to get such or similar behavior with druid with quick configuration.

Currently I am redirecting output of the startup commands with command 2>=1 | tee filepath

Hi Mahesh,
All druid nodes are java processes and would show up in JPS command.

We also made some improvements to druid launch scripts recently, one of which is adding a status command which can be used to check the status of druid daemons.

these are currently available in latest master -

I have tried JPS. in case of druid it just shows “Main” for all Java processes, unlike hadoop or hbase which shows name of daemon “Namenode”, “Datanode” etc.

Hey Mahesh,

You can run jps -m to see the command that was run. It will look like this.

$ jps -m

6438 Main server coordinator

6439 Main server overlord

ohh thats what precisely I wanted…never felt jps can also have options…thanks a tonne