How to make Request Logger and Indexing Logger use LoggingRequestLogger

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that the Druid daemon process output logs are well managed by log4j, but the request and indexer logs seem to use a direct file logger (maybe FileRequestLogger?). talks about task logging, and we have that set, but it doesn’t mention the ability to use ‘slf4j’ as the value for druid.indexer.logs.type. And I don’t see a mention of request log configuration int the docs at all.

I have a lot of old request and index log files that will eventually fill up disk space. I’m about to configure a cron job that just deletes them, but before I do: is there a way to make these files also managed by log4j?


-Andrew Otto (at Wikimedia Foundation)

I think there’s something that you can do to get request logs going through slf4j although I don’t remember the config.

For index logs, Druid doesn’t currently have an easy way to set up automatic purging of old logs, so a cron job sounds good to me. The main reason they don’t go through log4j is we want to give the files specific names that match the task, so we can easily find them and load them up in the UI.

Thanks Gian, I just added a cron job to prune old indexer logs.

If anyone knows how to configure the request logger with slf4j/log4j, do let me know!