How to make Tableau shows Distinct count (HyperUnique) value from Druid?

I have Tableau connecting to Druid and It’s displaying things like this “AQAAAAAAAA==” for the value on unique count column. Is there a way to make Tableau to show the distinct count estimate as number instead of that object like string?


just reposting this one, trying to figure out still. hope I can hear some feedback. Thanks.

Can you get Tableau to report what exact SQL query it is issuing? (Or turn on request logging in Druid to see the query)

The aggregation result is probably not getting finalized. By the way, I would expect you get results like this if you are doing a simple SELECT with no aggregation (no GROUP BY). So please also make sure that Tableau is doing a GROUP BY query.


You can use:


APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT_DS_THETA is the druid function, you can call any druid specific function. Tableau will replace “%1” with the column, in the above example [CustomID].

These (RAWSQLAGG_REAL) are called pass through functions in Tableau.

Refer to:

Regards, Chari.