How to scale middlemanagers


I want know how do we scale middlemanagers , my understanding was we start new middlemanager services and it automatically registers itself with architecture and in overlord console I will see multiple entries under remote workers, and there I can see the newly added middlemanager. However this approach is not working .After launching a new middlemanager I don’t see it in overlord console.

We are using latest druid version 0.13 and running druid services in docker containers . We also have a k8s implementation , but am guessing if I can scale druid on docker container it will work on k8s as well . I tried launching multiple containers for middlemanager , but it didn’t helped . Let me know if someone has tried this and was successful.


Hi Rahul,
Typically, can you confirm that common runtime properties config are the same for the middle managers that are showing up in overlord vs. the ones not showing up. Also, ensure the new containers running middle managers can reach the zookeeper ensemble. Hope that helps.





I was going to say the same thing…look at your Zookeepers (as well as the Zookeeper settings on the middlemanagers) as I believe they tie everyone together.

I have had the same issue where one of my 15 middlemanager nodes was not showing up. I racked my brains out for half a day only to find typo in the zk IP in common runtime properties file.