How to set coordinator rule to load data of a particular data source to only 1 tier

In my current setup i have 2 tiers of historical nodes:
“_default_tier” and “custom”.

I want to load data belonging to a particular datasource to just the “custom” tier but when i am trying to set the load rule via the co-ordiantor UI it is mandating me to set atleast 1 replication for the other tier also.

Is it not possible to load a particular to just 1 tier?

Do we need to have the same data in all the tiers??



Hi Rohit,
It is not mandatory to load data on all the tiers.

I guess you are trying to set a replication factor of 0 to remove the tier instead of doing that you can just remove the tier from your LoadRule.

there is a red colored cross button to remove the tier completely in the coordinator UI to edit the rule.